My First Blog On The New Website!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

I recently finished setting up my new website. I wanted to give it a simpler and cleaner look. I hope you enjoy it. Now, I am looking forward to adding a new blog to the website.

What's New?

Not long ago the MAC Arts Council (Murrieta Arts Council) hosted a pop up gallery at the Ballast Point restaurant in Temecula, CA. It was an outstanding event. I met a lot of great people and an amazing group of diverse artists. This is where I first showed my new limited edition print Morning Walk. The original photo was taken on a cold misty walk I took one morning at the Santa Rosa Plateau. Only a handful of each size print will ever be printed of this image. I plan on producing more limited edition prints in 2019. Please sign up for my newsletter to be one of the first to know about new prints and upcoming events I will be at.

Who Am I Blogging For?

This is a question I have been struggling with and still do not have an answer. I have been considering three options. The first would be for me to write for myself. I would profess my existential observations of a life pondered. If folks in the big wide open found it interesting and began following my writing I would be thrilled. Honestly if anyone really wants to follow whatever it is I have to share I will feel honored. I could write for fellow photographers. I could geek out on settings and equipment I use to get a shot. I could talk about what types of post processing I may use to enhance the image. That could be fun, and hopefully it could teach or inspire someone else. Lastly, I could write for the wall art loving public. I could share the story behind the image; where it was, why I took it, what were the circumstances behind me being at that particular place at that particular time?

Let me know who you think I should be writing this blog for in the comments below.



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